Apache Leads Complaints

Apache Leads Complaints:

Apache Leads complaints like every other professional and responsible business on this planet are a relatively rare occurrence when seen in the light of the many thousands of happy clients

apache leads complaints are very rare
apache leads complaints are very rare

It’s a just a fact of life that if you have customers then sometimes a small number of them will feel the need to complain.  We feel terrible when this happens as, like all good businesses, we want to make all our clients feel happy and satisfied.

When we receive a complaint we try our best to deal with the problem as fast as possible, we also try to ensure the client feels we went the extra 10 yards for them.

Bearing in mind Apache Leads has been supplying MLM Leads to the network marketing industry since 2003 we have had a very small number of complaints.

There are two areas which cause most apache leads complaints and they are both related as you will soon see:

1. Leads Are Bad – when a lead is “bad”which means the lead is not contactable we promptly replace the lead.

However that is not really what the issue is, let me explain.

This apache leads complaint nearly always comes from people new to home business and new to buying and calling leads. What they are really saying is that they called the leads and had little or no success.

On investigation we invariably find these things

a) they are not using a script
b) they are using a terrible script
c) they have had little or no call training
d) the expectation of leads is way too high
(they expect leads to be as excited as they are and to jump at the opportunity instantly).

Networkers who have a good script, good training and experience knows, have a different expectation and a high rate of success recruiting leads.

In these cases we try very hard to recommend good scripts (from Amazon) and for the client to seek training from their upline.  We also attempt to manage their expectations regarding leads.

2. Refunds – When we are unable to convince the client to employ a good script and to get training their next move is to demand a refund.

We clearly state in our terms and conditions that we do not give refunds.

The reasons behind this policy is that we have already expended time and money supply the leads.  What are we meant to do with these leads now that they have been badly called and sometimes abused by the client?

The other thing is this: Networkers should understand they are now running their own business and they are dealing with a business in a B2B relationship.

Looking at the positive side of the coin, Apache Leads has a long established record for delivering good quality leads at very competitive prices.  We will continue to do that, nothing will change

We have been supplying leads since 2003.  We have served millions of leads to thousands of clients. We will continue to do our best to work with you and be a part of your mlm success.  MLM Leads is all we do, we offer a 100%  guarantee on all leads, if the lead is bad, we will replace it, all the risk is on us.

Apache Leads is going to continue being a world leader in innovation and customer support within the leads industry.  You can count on us

apache leads has happy customers

Try us out, if you have any problem with Apache Leads, contact us by email or phone and we will try our very best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


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